Finding Best Hammock Stand

Posted by on Oct 10, 2018 in Business, Home Improvement, Product Reviews |

Along with the variation of hammocks available there are similarly are large variety of hammock stands to choose from. Finding the right one for yourself that meets all your needs is an important decision. Not only in regards to money spent, but the comfort the stand will provide. Most hammocks stands will either be steel or wood. Both will have their own distinct looks so consider how you want the Hammock stand reviews to work for you. Do you want something that is going to tie in and create a feature within an outdoor setting? Perhaps you have a lovely wooden deck or patio and want something to go with that.

This is where the wooden stands really have an advantage. Many are beautifully designed and shaped, and create a beautiful feature to your outdoor setting. A disadvantage to these is they are often very heavy and once put together you may need two people to move them. They may also not be as quick and easy to assemble and disable to take to other locations. Also be sure to check how the wooden frames need to be cared for. Many will require you to yearly re-varnish with a oil to reseal the wood. This will help preserve the life and keep the stand looking new.

The other main type of hammock stand is the steel frame hammocks. The quality of these vary greatly, so be careful what you choose. Steel can bend and rust easily if not constructed well, or is too thin. Ones that are extend able are a great idea as you can get the height you may need to give your hammock a better arc. Yet often where the pieces of the frame connect weakness occurs and the frame will bend inwards. The quality of finish on these frames will also vary greatly. A basic paint coat won’t protect the frame well and any areas where paint has chip off you have to be careful of rust getting into that spot.

Some other materials include wicker, and stainless steel. These are relatively new materials. Stands crafted of synthetic all-weather wicker are excellent as they won’t fade, crack, split or rot. Stainless steel is also a great strong material being corrosion resistant. You should expect to pay much more for these type of stands.

A few other things to consider when purchasing your stand. Is the weight limit, what will each hold, as different materials will be stronger than others. Where will it be used, so what care will it need. If a wood stand, what wood is used? Is this from sustainable foresting? What type of hammock will each stand best suit? Some are better for hammocks with spreader bars, some are great for all kinds. Then of course price. Depending on your budget. Hammock stands prices can range anywhere from $100 up to over $1000. So if you don’t have a couple of suitable trees or existing features to attach you hammock to then consider a hammock stand. But take you time and consider all the options as to what will suit you best.